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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RC Heli 2 | iPhone Application Store | Free Download

RC Heli 2 | iPhone Application Store | Free Download

RC Heli 2
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Updated: Jan 04, 2012
Version: 1.4

RC Heli 2 Description:

With better graphics, better physics and more game modes, RC Heli 2 is as close as you can get to the real thing! Heli 2 is optimized for iPad 2 and iPhone 4 retina display as well as all 3gs generation devices.
  • RC Heli 2 comes with 3 Helis (4Ch Heli and 3Ch Helis), free flight and 7 races in race mode.
  • All new combat mode and 2 combat helis are available for in-app purchase.
  • 7 more 3ch and 4ch helis AND 2 UFOs are also available for purchase.
  • UFOs: Cruiser 4 Ch UFO and an Alien Tech 4 Ch UFO.
  • Race Mode: Race through the 3 story house as fast as you can, collecting each successive coin.
  • Free Flight: Master your flying as you explore the house. Can you find the secret passage?
  • Combat: 6 missions and 2 combat helis. Shoot the targets and toy soldiers and tanks. Look out for missile turrets.
  • 3 Camera Angles: Enjoy flying in 3rd person, 1st person or fixed camera mode.
  • Controls: All 4 heli control schemes are supported. Hit puase button in game then go to settings to pick your control scheme.
  • Accelerometer: You can also choose to fly with the accelerometer in place of one of the sticks.
  • Beautifully composed music written and performed by Davide Cecchi.
  • Check out RC Heli 2!

    What's New in Version 1.4

    Download RC Heli 2
  • Performance enhancements!
  • Improved graphics!
  • Multiplayer!
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